Thursday, January 22, 2009

E. Pluribus Unum, 2009 - Chris Jordan

What is this? Click here to find out.

I wonder if OPSEU is anywhere to be found.


Zoysha said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing work, which celebrates the underlying work and volunteer efforts of so many global social justice and environmental groups.

OPSEU isn't listed on WiserEarth yet, but more than 2,000 groups in Ontario are.

You can add individual and organization information at WiserEarth and access free online Group spaces with wikis and other collaboration tools.

With thanks for the important work you do.

Zoysha said...

Oops, I have been foiled by the hotlins again:

Here's a link to WiserEarth:

And you can search Ontario for the detailed group listings.

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