Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting off the bottle....

This is a good recap of the motivations behind OPSEU's moves last year to phase out bottled water and to boycott Coca-Cola (page 17 - ed).

My New Year Resolution is to Lose My Bottle – and Quit Coke - by Johann Hari
By the time you read this, my head will be thump-thumping - but this is not a standard-issue New Year's Day hangover. No. My New Year's resolution is to finally give up my addiction to two liquids that are trashing the lives of some of the poorest people on earth: bottled water, and Coke. In 2009, I'm determined to lose my bottle...

Yes, it will be annoying for me not to have my favourite drinks. But it's considerably more annoying to watch your children die of typhoid while your fresh water is being shipped off for the rich to quaff, or to be shot in the face for running a trade union. In 2009, I don't want to drink oil, or blood.
Plastic bottles in landfill

Protesting Coke

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