Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome to GreenUnion

The blog edition.

I'm Gary Shaul, GreenUnion blog editor, reporting from OPSEU Head Office where I am on a leave from my government job supporting the greening OPSEU program. This is the 5th blog I've created and managed - I see a pattern emerging. I'll let you be judge of how useful and entertaining this blog is. If you like what you see, please plug GreenUnion with your networks.

And while I may be the editor, this blog is not about me. Its purpose is to support OPSEU's environmental policies and programs by involving you. How so?

  1. By letting you know what OPSEU is doing on the environmental front - from our offices to our members around the province.
  2. By giving you the chance to pass this information along to your fellow members.
  3. By providing a union publication where active members can provide comments, share experiences and write guest articles on what you, your local and your region may be doing or anything else you might find interesting on the environmental front.
  4. By bringing you interesting commentary and articles about the environmental issues of our times.
The GreenUnion blog is meant to complement OPSEU's official website where you'll find more information and documents in the Greening OPSEU aisle where, for example, you'll find OPSEU's draft 3-year green plan.

The "comments" section here will be fully enabled to allow you to comment immediately about a specific post. Your emails are also welcome.

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