Monday, May 19, 2008

Energy Conservation Week - May 25 - 31

Organized by the Ontario Power Authority, the objective of Energy Conservation Week is to raise awareness and make efforts to reduce energy consumption - particularly during peak periods. OPSEU is taking part this year. Members are asked to participate in "Count every kilowatt day" on May 29th.

"A day intended to demonstrate the power of individual initiatives on the province’s overall conservation goals. Ontarians will be encouraged to “Take Part. Take Action” as we monitor Ontario’s energy consumption."
Please visit their website for their handy-dandy list of things you can do to conserve power - on May 29th or any day. While we can't let governments and corporations off the hook for doing their part in reducing energy consumption, it can't be a bad thing for people to work together to make a difference. That's the union way.

Latest news release about who's behind ECW, the objectives and municipal and corporate participation.

More to follow on OPSEU's plan.

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