Friday, May 30, 2008

Public supports public delivery of services

Well this shouldn't be such a big surprise. Among other things, it tells us we've been on the right track letting the public know about the threats to public services and should continue to do so (along with the rest of the union movement). It would great to see those numbers rise. This latest poll was conducted by CUPE.

A majority of Canadians said they trust their municipal government more for all nine public services: sewage treatment (75.8%), drinking water treatment and delivery (75.5%), community and social services (75.1%), maintenance and upkeep of parks (69.4%), public transit (68.6%), road maintenance (64.7%), garbage and recycling services (64.6%), recreation facilities such as rinks and swimming pools (64.5%), and electricity generation and distribution (60.6%).
With the exceptions of social services, all of these other services have major environmental components. So one could extrapolate to say that most of the public doesn't trust the private sector to protect our environment (good call!)

Hat tip to Wendy Elliot for this story.

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