Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Energy Conservation Week at Lesmill

More than 50 staff attended the first annual Energy Conservation Week event at 100 Lesmill on Tuesday. The meeting was chaired by Greening OPSEU MDT (and blog editor) - yours truly - Gary Shaul.

Staff were brought up to date on OPSEU's Energy Conservation
Week activities and announcements including building
improvements and the phase-out of bottled water at OPSEU
functions and facilities.

Gary & Randy - Randy Robinson discusses OPSEU's energy &
greenhouse gas reduction targets policy. On the table
beside the large water bottle is a bin full of 100 watt
stairwell lightbulbs which were replaced with compact

Emily Visser and Gary plug the June 3 organizing meeting for the
proposed green patio and native plants sanctuary at 100 Lesmill.

There was strong support for a proposal from Marnie Niemi to invite an Al Gore-certified speaker to a "lunch and learn" to hear the Canadian version of "An Inconvenient Truth". There was also some support for a bike to work day in June proposed by Randy R & Heino Nielson.

No papers distributed at the event. Everyone brought their mugs down for fair trade coffee & tea and healthy snacks were provided. There was no travel footprint for this meeting.

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