Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tennessee coal sludge disaster - drinking water poisoned

Despite assurances from the Tennessee Valley Authority which runs the coal burning power plants that dumped a billion gallons of sludge onto 400 acres in Harriman, Tennessee, independent water testing shows super-high levels of mercury, lead and arsenic in the water.

Tests Show Pollution Near Ash Spill

Preliminary water tests from rivers near a huge coal ash spill in Tennessee show elevated levels of pollutants such as mercury and lead, an environmental group said yesterday...

Arsenic levels from the Kingston power plant canal, for example, tested at nearly 300 times the allowable limits in drinking water. A sample from 2 miles downstream revealed arsenic at about 30 times the limit.

"Although these results are preliminary, we want to release them because of the public health concern and because we believe the TVA and EPA aren't being candid," Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chair of the Waterkeeper Alliance, said in a release.

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