Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lead testing in Toronto

Given the number of older homes in Toronto, many of them have been found to have problems with excessive lead in the drinking water.

City lead testing garners praise

Provincially mandated testing of 100 homes last summer and fall found more than half exceeded the acceptable level of lead in drinking water. The city specifically targeted homes connected to water mains by lead water service lines, typically built before the mid-1950s...
There appeared to be less problems in the 905 area around Toronto which has both newer homes and newer infrastructure.
Richmond Hill tested 49 samples and none were above the safe limit.
Halton Region found less than 2 per cent above the acceptable level.
In Newmarket, only three samples have exceeded the standards.
In Durham Region, four homes tested above the limit in round two.
In a sidebar article, the following question were asked:
How can I reduce exposure?
Flush standing water out of pipes every morning by washing, flushing the toilet or letting water run for five minutes. Drink and cook with cold water, because hot water dissolves more lead. It's okay to bathe, swim or wash dishes and clothes, as lead isn't easily absorbed through skin or eyes.

How do I get my water tested?
Toronto offers free testing in homes with lead service pipes. Call 416-392-2894 or email

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