Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter cycling

Here's an interesting article in today's Toronto Star about winter cyclists in the city. There are a number of them out there on any given day, in any given weather.

Today at noon, winter cycling enthusiasts are gathering for the annual "Coldest Day of the Year Ride," organized by the city to highlight getting around on two wheels in the winter.

Winter cycling is feasible, but each time another big snowfall drops on Toronto, there is a challenging lack of traction on the road....
Leehe Lev plans ahead and takes it slow when cycling in the winter. 

This year, as a pilot project, the city is keeping the Martin Goodman Trail open all winter. The path, running from Woodbine Ave. to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, is being treated like a city street, with dedicated snowplows clearing it after each snowfall....

The city will be monitoring the trail, he (Coun. Adrian Heaps - ed) says, to see "if the usage is there, which I'm sure it will be because I've seen it increase over the last few weeks. Then we're going to expand that to other east/west and north/south corridors.
I guess that's a way of saying that maintaining Toronto's bike paths is not currently much of a priority. Why not? Because the city must not think there are enough cyclists. But there probably aren't more cyclists because the bike lanes are not maintained.

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