Thursday, January 29, 2009

Site 41 campaign goes global

Sounds a bit like an X-Files episode but it's about the fightback to stop Simcoe’s County’s landfill Site 41. Thanks to Andrea Bowden for the update on this story from Tiny Township in the Midland area.

Site 41 fight gains momentum - Protest at Queen's Park draws help
A coalition of environmentalists and social justice activists told a news conference at Queen’s park this morning that they are launching a petition on Facebook calling on Premier Dalton MCGuinty and Environment Minister John Gerretsen to halt the controversial dump.

Danny Beaton, a Mohawk environmentalist, was joined by Elizabeth May, Green Party leader; Maude Barlow, senior adviser on water to the President of the UN General Assembly, and long-time Site 41 opponent Steve Ogden in calling on the government to stop the dump.

Simcoe North MPP Garfield Dunlop, who last year introduced a Private Members' bill in the Legislature aimed at stopping Site 41, said in an interview that he hopes people across Canada will respond to this latest effort...

Barlow, who is also head of the Council of Canadians, said it is a myth that Canada has An abundance of water resources. Twenty per cent of the municipalities in Ontario experienced water shortages last year.

"If the McGuinty government is serious about protecting Ontario’s water and reducing waste, it needs to revoke the (County’s) water taking permit immediately," she said.
Here's the facebook group - Stop Site 41

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Marci Thompson said...

This is not a NIMBY issue -- it's an ONBY issue because it will affect Ontario's backyard if this garbage dump ever springs a leak just like the Cache Creek dump in B.C.did.

The site 41 dumpsite is right over a major aquifer that supposedly provides groundwater/drinking water for communities and wells all the way from Cookstown to Alliston.


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