Friday, December 19, 2008

Trent researchers work on Arctic brings awards

Two Trent researchers win awards for work on climate change in Arctic

Two Trent graduate students won awards last week for research on climate change in the Arctic, a press release states.

Kaitlin Breton-Honeyman and Jennie Knopp won the awards at an international research conference called Arctic Change 2008, held in Quebec City from Dec. 9 to 12, a press release states.

Breton-Honeyman won for research about how climate change affects the health and safety of people who live in the Arctic.

"For Inuit, health and safety on the land is of particular concern as many communities report increasingly frequent uncharacteristic weather and sea-ice conditions putting hunters and others at greater risk than ever before," she states in a release.
Congratulations to Kaitlin and Jennie.

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