Saturday, December 13, 2008

May blasts Canada's role in Poznan

More embarrassment for Canada on the international stage. With all the worries and pressure being focused on the economic and political crises as well as the discrediting of the idea of putting a price on carbon, Harper and his Cons have not been feeling any significant pressure on the climate climate change and the environment more generally from Canadians.

'Embarrassing' to be a Canadian at climate talks: Green party leader

The UN climate conference in Poznan, Poland, was a "mark of shame" for Canada, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said on Saturday.

Delegates from poorer nations were angry at Canada for not meeting its commitments under the Kyoto protocol, as well as all industrialized countries for stalling on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, May told CBC News...

"The speeches at the end of the session really were tinged with regret, and, from some countries, outright anger that the industrialized countries have been taking their time, coming up with excuses," May said.

"There was not real progress made here. It was basically an agreement to keep on talking," she added...
Blah, blah, blah. Why is it that when it comes to finding billions and even hundreds of billions of dollars to hand out to banks, auto makers and now the oil companies, the money is suddenly there. But when it comes to protecting the planet for future generations, it's always too expensive? So what exactly was the problem with Canada's position at these climate talks which are a "warm up" to negotiations that are slated to take place in Copenhagen in December 2009?
Environmental groups have criticized Canada for its plans to use 2006 as a base year for calculating greenhouse gas emission reductions, instead of the year 1990, as outlined in the Kyoto agreement.
And the government's response?
Not everyone necessarily agrees with our positions," he (Minister of Environment Jim Prentice - ed.)  said. "However, we have been quite clear that we wish to be a constructive force in concluding an effective international protocol.
A constructive force? Sheesh. Let's hope these guys are out of power by the time next December rolls around.

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