Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prorogue - My new blog

Hey, that rhymes. Just thought I'd share with readers that I've created a new blog called Prorogue -

It is not directly related to my work at OPSEU but thought I'd crassly use any vehicle I have available to promote it. :)

The purpose of the blog is to explore different issues related to the proroguing of parliament last week and the political situation in Canada with a particular eye toward finding opportunities to promote electoral reform at a time like this. To the extent that electoral reform is possible, it affects issues such as labour rights, the environment, public services and just about every issue in the sense that public opinion is generally on the side of accountable government, fair representation and public policy (doing the right thing).

This piece - Stephen Harper's decidedly republican approach to defending democracy - was picked up by the US website Buzzflash and is sending a fair amount of traffic my way.

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