Monday, December 8, 2008

Stop climate chaos rally in Toronto

I attended the Toronto Stop Climate Chaos rally. While there less than a couple of hundred people there, it was a spirited, mostly youthful, crowd, despite the frigid cold. The rally was part of a worldwide set of actions designed to spotlight popular support for effective measures to reduce greenhouse gases. It was timed to coincide during the UN climate change talks currently taking place in Poznan, Poland.

Here are a few pics that I took. I didn't catch all the speakers names and can't find any media reports of the rally.

This was my 3rd demo in 3 days. I also attended an emergency vigil on Friday to protest the war in Afghanistan after Canada's 100th soldier was killed and the pro-Coalition rally to replace Harper that happened on Saturday.

A crowd shot.

Speaker from Greenpeace Canada promises that their petition will be delivered to Stephen Harper in the most creative way.

Toronto/York Labour Council President John Cartwright talks about retrofitting buildings, the importance of an inclusive climate change movement and the role that youth must play to turn things around.

Speaker from HERE Local 75 talks about the important steps taken by her union and her employer - the Royal York Hotel - to provide subsidized transit passes to workers at the hotel and the need to expand it to other hotels and employers.

Student leader talks about youth actions to oppose climate change.

The Samba Squad does their thing to help warm up the boisterous crowd.

Stalwart activist and friend Frank Showler shows his support.

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