Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Greenpeace finds "ray of light" in Europe

While the talks in Poznan, Poland on reducing greenhouse gases were less than satisfying, it seems that the development of renewable energy is making more progress, at least in Europe which already has a 20 year head start on North America.

It's no small matter to receive some faint praise from Greenpeace.

EU Renewables deal: a "ray of light" in the EU’s climate and energy package

Finally, some good news has come out of the EU’s climate and energy package. The result is a pay off for three years of campaigning for an Energy [R]evolution in Europe. With your help we’ve researched and published reports, lobbied MEPs, heads of state, commissioners and energy firms around Europe, and undertaken dozens of actions. Our campaigns for Europe to quit coal, say no to nuclear power and yes to an Energy [R]evolution have reached millions and the message is finally starting to be heard.

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