Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NUPGE's first videoconference

When it rains it pours! Not only did OPSEU conduct its first webconference on Monday, but NUPGE also held it's first videoconference with participants from components in 8 locations across Canada. OPSEU's First Vice-President Patty Rout participated from the theatre at Head Office while President Smokey Thomas called in via telephone as he was not in Toronto.
(Photo not from this session)

NUPGE has gone with Polycom hi-definition system for its videoconferencing.

While there were a couple of glitches that are being worked out, the meeting was a success and an opportunity to both demonstrate the new system to NUPGE's National Executive Board and to share the latest information about the federal political scene. The NEB heard a short presentation from NUPGE President James Clancy and then had a Q&A/discussion.

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