Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why are honeybees disappearing?

Did you know that bees pollinate about 1/3 of the human diet? Remember hearing about all those beekeepers around North American and Europe who were reporting the mysterious disappearance of their bees? As in all things physical, there is an answer to this enigmatic puzzle. I know this may come as a huge shock, but it's called "bug spray" - clothianidin in particular.

Lawsuit Seeks EPA Pesticide Data

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is refusing to disclose records about a new class of pesticides that could be playing a role in the disappearance of millions of honeybees in the United States, a lawsuit filed Monday charges.
Pesticides responsible? Who would have thought? The US EPA is doing its best to protect the chemical companies by withholding important data and study results from the public.
In the last two years, beekeepers have reported unexplained losses of hives - 30 percent and upward - leading to a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder. Scientists believe that the decline in bees is linked to an onslaught of pesticides, mites, parasites and viruses, as well as a loss of habitat and food.
OK, so pesticides are not the ONLY problem but the corporate "bee-nocide" deniers will do everything possible to continue to produce these dangerous chemicals and release them into our environment (and ultimately our bloodstreams).

For as long as there is doubt about the EXACT cause of colony collapse, the chemical giants, with their high-priced lobbyists and generous political contributions, can use government watchdogs to protect their own bee-hinds.

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