Monday, August 11, 2008

International Youth Day - Provincial Young Workers meet

OPSEU's Provincial Young Workers Committee commemorated, celebrated and turned International Youth Day in a 3 session workshop on Unionism 101, globalism and trade and climate change held August 8 and 9th. Over thirty members attended from all parts of the province. The UN's theme this year was YOUTH AND CLIMATE CHANGE: TIME FOR ACTION

I was fortunate to participate as a resource person and co-facilitator with Jennifer Giroux, PYWC R6 & Environment Committee member) in the session on global warming. The workshop, organized and designed by Archana Mathew of OPSEU's Equity Unit and the PWYC members , had several themes:

  1. Experiencing climate change on our lives
  2. Basics of climate change & global warming
  3. Social justice & climate change
  4. Taking action in our unions, communities and workplaces
I also attended the earlier session with some interesting comments and analysis from Jaggi Singh who talked about unfair trade deals and how they are used to protect polluters to the detriment of communities and electd governments. He let people know about the 2010 G8 meeting taking place in Huntsville Ontario and encouraged people to get involved early.

OPSEU 1st Vice-President/Treasurer Patty Rout was also present for the Saturday morning session and said a few words about some of the union's green initiatives and priorities.

Thanks to Annee Simas for the pic.

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