Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Water takes on London On.

Well who would have really expected Big Water to sit back while more and more municipalities and organizations (like OPSEU) are phasing out bottled water.

City bottled water ban comes under fire

The move by London's City Council to impose a ban on bottled water at city-run facilities is drawing fire from the Canadian refreshment industry, with Refreshment Canada officials calling the decision a "step backwards" in the recycling effort.

Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the ban, which will see the sale of bottled water coming to a halt at City Hall starting Sept. 1, with the ban being phased in by next spring at other city-run facilities.

The industry's big argument in favor of their product? Convenience and choice. Their solution to the scourge of plastic bottles ending up in landfills? More recycling. Their answer to the other environmental issues - e.g. transporting water and using oil to produce the bottles? Nothing.
London is not the first city to impose such a ban. Last month, Vancouver passed a motion banning water bottles from being sold inside city hall and other Canadian cities are considering similar measures in regard to bottled water including Kitchener and Ottawa.

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