Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cdn oil & gas exploration: Business as usual

From the "you must be kidding" file. Not that I think it's a joke or that Big Oil doesn't intend to carry on with business as usual to wreck this country and the world.

Secret Cap-and-Trade Proposal Confirms That Canada Has No Intention of Meeting its 2020 Greenhouse Gas Target:

Leaked Cabinet Documents Show Government Plan for Massive Increase in Oil and Gas Emissions by 2020

(Copenhagen, Denmark) Cabinet documents unveiled last night show that Environment Minister Jim Prentice’s planned cap-and-trade system is so weak that the federal government clearly has no intention of meeting its 2020 emissions target, according to Climate Action Network–RĂ©seau action climat Canada. The documents were described in a CBC news story and have been analyzed by members of the Climate Action Network.
The documents reveal that the Government of Canada is contemplating an approach to regulating emissions from the oil and gas, manufacturing and mining sectors that is more than three times weaker than their 2008 “Turning the Corner” plan....

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