Monday, December 7, 2009

Copenhagen Fossil of the Day award..

Well, Canada has already won its first Fossil of Day Award at the Copenhagen Climate Talks. The awards are given by the Climate Action Network International and

In an unusual award to particular EU member states, Second-place Fossil dishonours went to Sweden, Finland, and Austria for backing a controversial EU proposal that would weaken the Europe's targets by not accounting for emissions caused by increased logging. Fossil stalwart Canada took the third trophy for announcing that it wouldn't budge on its weak proposed target....

Industrialised countries ("Annex I" countries, in climate-ese) win first for coming to Copenhagen with a profound deficit of ambition for cutting carbon. There's a huge and important debate over funding to help developing countries. More is needed. But all the money in the world won't solve climate change if the richest countries don't stop pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. This is the defining issue--and until the fossil fuels go down, the Fossil Awards will keep racking up.

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