Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copenhagen talks set to begin...

There's way too much going on for me to report as the Copenhagen talks get set to begin. Some are suggesting that we may be better off without a deal than with a weak-kneed, ineffective deal that will lock the world in to a new carbon reduction & trading system which will not do the job. Others are suggesting that any deal that moves things forward is better than no deal at all.

Some are distracted by the stolen email-gate. Others are focused on the carbon footprint of the Copenhagen conference itself.

Global actions are planned on December 12th (and during the conference) which runs from December 7 - 19. In Toronto, there will be an indoor rally and teach-in at the Earth Sciences Auditorium at the University of Toronto (33 Wilcocks St) at 3:00 p.m. Candlelight vigils are also planned around the country (and world).

Stephen Harper announced that he will indeed be paying a visit to Copenhagen albeit it's not clear when. He may have some photo ops with some hockey moms which could take precedent. Obama's going to and has must changed the date so that he'll be making two trips to Europe within a week - one for his Nobel war, er, I mean, peace prize - and the other to the climate change talks.

One of the better articles I've read lately - Vigorous activism can defeat the Denialists - Patrick Bond - makes the analogy between the impact of climate change on the Global South and the denials of apartheid and AIDS. Well worth reading.

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