Monday, March 23, 2009

Local sustainable food...

As people become more and more aware of the link between transportation of food and the production of greenhouse gases, locally grown and sustainable foods are becoming more popular. There are a growing  number of retailers, restaurants and caterers that sell locally grown food products. 

Local Food Plus has a lot of information and a list of these food providers.  So next time you are planning a local meeting or some other event, consider using locally grown food products  as much as possible. 
What is Local Sustainable Food?

Simply put, local sustainable food is a long-term, comprehensive strategy whose time has come.

Going beyond organic certification or “buy local” campaigns, local sustainability integrates economic, social, and environmental considerations, and rewards local farmers, both conventional and organic, who employ ecological practices.

Local Food Plus believes a food system is sustainable when it addresses the issues affecting agriculture by being:

» Financially viable for all stakeholders
» Primarily local and regional
» Ecologically responsible in its operations
» Socially responsible

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