Thursday, March 5, 2009

Habitat loss hurting Ontario wildlife

One more reason why OPSEU's move to reclaim habitat for native plants and animals at head office is a good idea.

Protect at-risk species: report
Environmental commissioner says habitat loss main problem

Ontario's environmental commissioner is urging the province to legislate more protection for biodiverse areas such as the Frontenac Arch, near Kingston.

In a 74-page report critiquing the province's new Endangered Species Act, Gord Miller said the state of Ontario's species at risk has worsened in recent decades and the main cause of that is habitat loss...

"Without concrete measures and swift action, many of Ontario's wild species and the natural areas they depend upon may be lost forever," the report states.

Ontario currently has 183 species identified as extirpated, endangered, threatened or of special concern. At least six species native to Ontario have become extinct in modern times.
You can view the entire report here.

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