Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another NUPGE videoconference

The National Union (NUPGE) is continuing to roll out its Polycom video-conferencing system. The National Executive Board was provided with an update yesterday on several issues by President James Clancy. There is a unit in the head offices of each of the NUPGE affiliates. There were eight units connected for yesterday's meeting from across Canada.

OPSEU's unit has been installed in the auditorium/theatre.  Once the unit is set up and everything's plugged into the right places.  One of my roles at OPSEU is to show people how to turn on the system and connect to videoconferences.  It's almost as easy as making a phone call.

Of course I'm oversimlifying slightly but as more and more organizations turn to different conferencing technologies, the manufacturers need to keep it as simple as possible (despite the complex technology behind the scenes) for the people using the equipment. 

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