Saturday, July 19, 2008

Name that photo

I meant to post these pics at the time but better late than never. On June 21th, a pickup truck slammed into the north wall of head office. The collision occurred on a Saturday when no one was at the office.

If you'd like to "name that photo", use the comments section of this post.

"Breaking out or breaking in?"

"Someone banging their head against the wall?"

"New drive-through for the cafeteria?"

The crash damaged OPSEU's cafeteria causing it to temporarily close while repairs are done. 1st VP / Treasurer Patty Rout who manages OPSEU's infrastructure used this opportunity to survey staff about what they would like to see in the cafeteria.


Anonymous said...

"Now we can waste more of our members money for our own cafeteria!"

Anonymous said...

People pay for the food that they buy with their own money. It is not the members money.

Anonymous said...

Rather than squable over 'members money', it would be good to consider that this accident could have been fatal. Fortunately, because it happened on a Saturday, no one was hurt!

The cafeteria is a vital hub for the head office community. Let's hope for a speedy recovery!

Gary Shaul (editor) said...

Apparently the three people in the pickup truck were all taken to hospital although I'm not aware of any further details. There was no one at head office at the time.

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