Thursday, July 24, 2008

Health Canada Climate Change Report

Understanding the Health Impacts of Climate Change

Most scientists now agree that climate change is having far-reaching effects on human health, and will pose even greater risks in the future. Because of its large land mass, Canadians can expect a wide range of impacts which can vary from one region to another.
The report breaks down the hazards and health risks for a number of different issues including:
In true Harpesso style, the report has already been suppressed by the government which refuses to allow the federal Health Canada to publicize its findings. Doing so may cause even more Canadians to begin to demand action on tackling the issues and mitigating the impact. See NUPGE's take.

From the perspective of the oil and coal industry and their shills in Ottawa, continuing to do nothing about global warming means more money in their shareholders pocketbooks. Too bad everyone's health will suffer but that's a small price to pay to allow Big Oil to continue to reap billions in profits.

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