Thursday, July 3, 2008

Canada ranks 2nd last in G8 carbon reduction

This is in today's Globe and Mail. If we're second last, who do you suppose is last?

Canada lands second-last in climate-change ranking

Canada and the U.S. are the worst countries in the G8 when it comes to taking effective measures to forestall the risk of rapid and uncontrolled climate change, according to an assessment of the major industrialized countries compiled by a European-based environmental consulting firm...

Canada performed poorly because of the huge emissions from Alberta's energy-intensive tar sands, the country's reluctance to comply with greenhouse-gas reduction targets in the Kyoto Protocol and the lack of federal regulations to cut overall emissions....

None of the G8 countries are taking enough action to keep global warming below this two-degree threshold, the assessment said. "Given the urgency of the climate challenge, the G8 countries collectively still have a long way to go," it said.

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