Thursday, July 31, 2008

Green Driveways?

I guess if comes down to a war between asphalt and grass, I'd have to go with the grass. Wouldn't it be great if driveways were replaced with grass and grass was replaced with native plants in most other places? Somehow though, I can't see head office switching over to grass just yet.

Home builders turn to latest thing in high-tech 'green' driveways: grass

OSHAWA, Ont. — It's the latest thing in high-tech driveways, replacing that ugly black asphalt with an environmentally-friendly substitute that filters out impurities and keeps salt, sealants and other noxious chemicals out of municipal sewer systems.

Just be sure to keep it watered, weeded and mowed...

Not even heavy trucks and SUVs - environmentally friendly hybrids only, please - will rip up or flatten the grass, thanks to a plastic support grid that sits just below the surface and absorbs the pressure of vehicles...

Grass driveways help to protect the environment by absorbing and reducing runoff going into the sewers, Marshall said, preventing things like driveway sealants, oil, salt, and car care products from going down the drain.

"It's all about water infiltration into the ground instead of running out onto the street and down into our sewers and into our lakes and rivers," he said.

"The more groundwater you can keep on the site, the less damage it's going to do to the environment and the habitats of fish and things in the rivers and lakes."

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