Saturday, February 14, 2009

OPSEU Officers pilot webconferencing

In a first for OPSEU, the Executive Committee conducted a full business meeting on February 12th. The Executive Committee is comprised of the top 9 elected leaders in the Union. 

Spread out over seven locations around the province, the Officers shared information, discussed several issues and took votes where required. The meeting was not without a couple of technology glitches but those were met with good humour and did not prevent business from proceeding. 

The session was part of a pilot which has seen committees, province-wide local executives and staff groups try out the pilot webconferencing technology - E-Pop. The hardware requirements include a PC, highspeed internet connection, webcam and audio headset. 

Some of the wrap-up comments from the Officers included "wonderful despite some small glitches", "it encourages more concise meetings", "a success", "a lot of potential" and "good in the winter". 

As the webconferencing pilot co-ordinator, I look forward to wrapping up this phase and producing recommendations for the next steps - a province-wide deployment. If your OPSEU committee or group would like to try it out, please contact me at 416-443-8888 x 8723. 

Many thanks to OPSEU's Information Services department as well as OPSEU Direct, Vice-President Patty Rout and Laura Delaney from E-Pop for their support. 

Pictures to follow. 

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