Thursday, February 5, 2009

Electric avenue....

"We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
And then we'll take it higher"
(Eddy Grant)
Plotting the long road to one million electric cars
(CNET) -- Meeting the Obama Administration's goal of putting 1 million plug-in electric vehicles on the road by 2015 will only happen with a coordinated set of policies and technology advances, according to an electric vehicle association...

On the technology side, batteries remain the biggest hurdle. The EDTA said the Department of Energy should fund to develop and test energy storage and fuel cells systems.

"Energy storage capability is the key to the success of the vehicles and also is the enabling technology for using renewable power as a transportation fuel," according to the EDTA's policy recommendation report.
Speaking of batteries (and lithium), this is an interesting article about Bolivia's lithium reserves. Aside from practical reasons such as access to resources, I hope that Obama will normalize relations with Bolivia.
Evo Morales hopes Bolivia's lithium reserves will allow it to join an exclusive club of countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, whose natural resources make them indispensable to the global energy future...

Bolivia says it hopes to one day be the world's leading producer of lithium, and with at least 73 million metric tons waiting to be mined, the country is positioned to follow through.

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