Friday, October 3, 2008

Vote for environment

A number of people have brought this anti-conservative "strategic voting" website to my attention so I thought I would share the link. Please note that OPSEU has not endorsed this initiative. If you are considering voting in a way that will help to either boot out a conservative incumbent or prevent the ascension of a new conservative, this site provides up to date polling information and recommendations.

Vote for Environment

What we're all about was designed by Canadians who believe what the vast majority of the world’s scientists have told us. That we are out of time and we must start to reduce our fossil fuel pollution now to save the planet from dangerous climate change.

We believe that the Harper Government’s collusion with the Bush White House to obstruct progress on climate change at recent international summits does not reflect how Canadians want their leaders to behave on the world stage. The Harper and the Conservative Party are simply not in step with what scientists say is needed, with Canadians' concerns, and with economic benefits of dealing with climate change.

Please note that strategic voting does not mean voting Liberal anywhere and everywhere - especially, but not limited to ridings where there are NDP incumbents.

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