Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bottled water phase-out update

OPSEU's plan to phase out water coolers and small, disposable water bottles is moving ahead as planned. The target date for implementation has been adjusted from November 1 to December 1, 2008 for OPSEU offices, membership centres and other facilities. Once complete, I will report fully but in the meantime, here's a few highlights:

Head office

  • water quality was tested for lead and results came back negative (no problems)
  • filtered water is available on each of its four levels (water fountains or kitchens)
  • managers have been instructed by 1st VP / Treasurer Patty Rout to use up existing supplies of water cooler bottles, refrain from ordering refills and to return the water coolers to the vendor(s)
  • staff have been provided with reusable, stainless steel water "bottles"
  • meeting rooms are being equipped with water jugs and corn plastic cups
Regional offices / membership centres
  • staff contacts have been identified to assist with water testing and the transition
  • water tests are currently under way to ensure that there is no problem with lead in the pipes
  • kits are being prepared (by me) to be sent to each office after the test results are returned
  • kits include a water filter for each kitchen tap, signage, water jugs and corn plastic cups for meeting rooms
  • reusable, stainless steel water "bottles" for everyone working in an OPSEU office
  • flyers were sent to each office to be posted in the membership areas so that they are aware of the upcoming changes
For more information about why OPSEU is phasing out private water and supporting water as a public services, check out our Bottled Water Fact Sheet.

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