Monday, October 20, 2008

Recycling gets a boost at Lesmill

OPSEU is in the process of rolling out a new recycling at head office. Through OPSEU's Building Services, we have contracted with Wasteco to pick up all recyclables except fine paper (which OPSEU already sells to another company). All cans, bottles, cardboard and other paper will be collected in one large bin that will be picked up by Wasteco when it is full. Wasteco then takes the recyclables to their plant where they are separated and sold.

Given that most, if not all municipalities have not established office, commercial and industrial recycling programs, the onus is on each organization to develop their own plans. This is both ineffective and inefficient. Clearly more needs to be done establishing provincial benchmarks (and support) for expanded recycling programs.

The remaining challenge at Lesmill will be food waste, aka green bin material. This will continue to end up in the garbage until a solution is found.

While recycling solutions need to be found for each of OPSEU's offices and membership centres around the province, one thing that we can do now is to reduce waste and reuse items such as plates and cups.

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