Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Things are different now...."

New nukes for Darlington

Or are they? Pierre Charlebois, executive vice-president and chief operating officer with Ontario Power Generation says they are. He's talking about the taxpayers experience with the $4 billion Darlington nuclear site that ballooned to $15 billion by the time it opened in the early 90s. The newest investment in nuclear is said to be $26 billion, including 2 new reactors at Darlington.

Name one mega-project of any kind that's come in at budget? And who's to say what a dollar will be worth in 2018?

So much for conservation. So much for alternative energy and the transmission lines they need to expand. Who else is building new nukes anyway?

More to follow but in the meantime, you'd better teach your grandchildren how to save money to pay off the massive debt they're going to be saddled with. This could be one of McGuinty's biggest betrayals to date.

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