Friday, June 20, 2008

Carpooling - June 23 - 27

One relatively easy way to reduce smog is by carpooling with someone from your neighborhood or along the route to the office. There are a a lot of advantages to carpooling.

Why not try carpooling for at least a day or two during the Clean Air Commute - June 23 - 27?

To make networking easier, there's a new carpooling website called PickupPal.
Check it out.

PickupPal calculates the carbon emissions saved through carpooling. Any reductions that you report to us will go toward OPSEU's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 2% in 2008.

Other things you can do for the Clean Air Commute include taking public transit, walking, biking or canoeing to work instead of single occupancy driving. If working from home is an option for a day or two, avoiding the commute altogether can be quite rewarding.

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