Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bush to veto climate bill

Surprise, surprise. George W. Bush has indicated that he will veto a Senate bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Once a shill for big energy, always a shill. It was only very recently that Bush even acknowledged that climate change and global warming might be an issue. For most of his years in the presidency, Bush denied the problem by suppressing and editing government studies that ran counter to the oil & coal industries' goals of retrieving and burning every last drop of fossil fuel on the planet.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Even before debate began on Monday on the first comprehensive climate change bill to reach the Senate floor, the White House said President George W. Bush would veto it in its current form.
Since a lot of mercury and other pollution drifts into Canada from the United States, Bush's recalcitrance is important issue for Canada. But don't Stephen Harper to say or do anything about it because he's another big energy shill.

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