Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stomping for local grapes....

Grape Stomping Protests Support Grape Growers

Environmental Defence and our partners in the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance are stomping grapes to support Ontario's grape growers...

But we're not just squishing grapes. We're calling on the Ontario government to make sure that wine sold as "Cellared in Canada" has grapes that are grown in Ontario. Right now, "Cellared in Canada" wine only has to have 30% content from Ontario grapes. The rest can come from overseas. That doesn't make sense for Ontario grape growers, or for the environment.

We want the Ontario government to:
• Increase the Ontario Content in "Cellared in Canada" immediately to 50%
• Increase the Ontario wine market share to 51% at LCBO outlets [Ontario's wine stores] throughout Ontario
• Increase access to more retail stores across Ontario to sell more 100% grown Ontario wine.

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