Friday, July 17, 2009

Culver's Root or Veronicastrum Virginiana

It is good to be back in Canada and I am looking forward to getting back to the OPSEU garden after a few weeks of vacation. One of the plants I am most looking forward to seeing is the Culver's Root. I'm not sure if these plants will bloom this year so I'm excited to find out.
Culver's Root is a terrific addition to the back of a border planting. Here in the OPSEU garden there are three patches of it behind in the upper terraces. This is a long lived perennial that is often found in prairies, thickets and open woods. The leaves are whorled around the stem creating an intense structure that is unique among native plants in the area. Reaching heights of seven feet, this is not a plant for a intimate garden but neither is it a bully. Culver's Root does not need stalking like most other tall perennials.

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