Wednesday, September 23, 2009

United Nations climate change summit...

Harper defends climate-change efforts amid criticism Canada's lagging

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended Canada on Tuesday against accusations from a growing chorus of international critics that the country is lagging behind on climate-change efforts.

"Canada's come a long way from where we were," Harper said Tuesday outside New York's City Hall, where he'd paid a courtesy call to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The prime minister was quick to pin the blame for any climate-change foot-dragging on his Liberal predecessors.
This AP article didn't make mention of the fact that Harper declined to attend the UN Summit - well he was planning to pork out at dinner but he was too busy to speak to the UN. But it's really great that he found a few moments to blame the Liberals. While there is a lot of truth to how the liberals betrayed Canadians' interests, Harper was a climate change DENIER at the time so he's not one to talk. In true do-nothing style, Harper went on to pass the buck and pin everything on a continental deal with the USA.

Prepare for grand embarrassment in Copenhagen. Let's see what Harper has to say at the G20 climate change meeting later this week.

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Toronto Home Staging said...

I too want to see how he will explain the tar sands in Copenhagen. It sure will be funny to watch him talk about something that is absolutely against what the Kyoto protocol is stating.

Take care, Ella

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