Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here's something I came across today in the Toronto urban agriculture category.

Plant the Hot Stuff: FoodCycles Seeds the Field

FoodCycles is an urban farm social enterprise based in the Greater Toronto Area that raises worms, produces nutritious, vibrant soil compost and grows food.
FoodCycles will be holding its first City Farm Work Bee from June 20 to 24th in Downsview Park at the corner of Keele & Sheppard. Check the website for more information.

(Photo Via Sunny Lam, FoodCycles)

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Toronto Compost said...

Thanks for the kind re-post Gary! We've got some additional things of interest that are going on:

Call 4 People: Gardener Interviews in Toronto

Building Worm Bins Brews Good Soil [Work Event #1] CALL 4 VOLUNTEERS

City Farm Hands - FoodCycles, Toronto, ON, ft/pt [Volunteer Job]

Let us know what's going on with OPSEU these days!

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