Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Greening OPSEU's Convention

Here is a list of green initiatives being taken by OPSEU and/or the Sheraton Centre where our annual Convention is being held April 23 - 25.

  • OPSEU GHG reduction policy & green meeting guide to be distributed at Greening OPSEU table
  • Encourage members to bring re-usable drinking containers
  • Green stewards meeting – Thursday @ noon
Sheraton Centre initiatives

  • compostable cups and water jugs in all meeting rooms
  • composting bins
  • recycling bins in all meeting & guest room
  • use of Turtle Island for recycling of cardboard, paper and glass
  • deal with Globe and Mail for newspaper recycling
  • leftover food is sent to local food banks
  • Sheraton now serves fair trade coffee after request from OPSEU & other labour groups
  • coffee shop in mall will serve fair trade coffee after OPSEU's request
  • Lighting is turned off when rooms are not in use
  • Water conservation – low flush toilets
  • Used soap sent to Mennonite churches for melting and reshaping
  • Linen & towel reuse program
  • Full auditing of water usage, energy usage and recycling

  • Variable mileage rate for members to encourage car-pooling
  • New, fuel-efficient OPSEU van to be used for transporting goods to and from hotel
Convention kits

  • Reusable, zippered, organic cotton bags

Paper reduction initiatives

  • Pre-convention mailout – reduction of 35 sheets per package for reduction of 21,000 pieces of paper
  • Use of partially recycled paper
  • Back to back printing where possible for convention floor handouts
  • Use of efficient document formatting
  • Reuse convention signage from year to year
  • No colour printing at Convention
  • Delegates at hotel can opt out of getting daily newspaper – no plastic bag for newspapers
  • Use of non-toxic markers
  • Use of recycled flip-chart paper
  • Use of Energy Star printers at Convention 
Display area
  • Inform vendors about green “do’s and don’ts”
  • Environmental groups invited to display
  • Greening OPSEU display

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