Thursday, September 18, 2008

Genetically engineered food moratorium?

Federal Elections - Call for a moratorium on GE crops and foods

Greenpeace and a number of other organizations are banded together in the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network. They are

calling on all candidates and Parties in the federal election to support an immediate moratorium on all new genetically engineered (GE) crops and food approvals until the government’s procedures for GE risk assessment have be reviewed and strengthened to meet strict international and scientific standards.
The issue of labeling is a big one in which Canada is tailing after the US and food giants like Monsanto.
Canada and the U.S. are currently the only two countries in the developed world that refuse to impose mandatory labeling of GE food. “Monsanto’s excessive influence in Ottawa explains why the Harper government and a majority of MPs voted against Bill C-517 last May that would have labeled GE foods and given Canadians the right to know ,” said Tony Beck, steering committee member with the Society for a GE Free B.C..

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